Strategic Technology Consultancy

Strategic Technology Consultancy

Technology that is right for your business

We understand your industry, anayze your business, study your processes & data and your business goals and ambitions and suggest you possible technology options.

We live in a world where technology touches every aspect of our lifves and businesses. And if you are a start-up founder, a business owner or CIO or CTO in an organization it is very likely that you might have a number of technology related questions you seek answers to.

Some of the questions might look like these;
– Should we cutom build or use a product?
– Should we go on-premise or cloud?
– Do we go Web or Mobile first or should we go with a Hybrid technology?
– Which technology should we use?
– Which architecture should we adopt? Do we go in-house or out-source?

It requires careful listening to our clients to find the right answers to these questions. Knowing your industry, your business, your plans and your pain areas are extremely crucial in order to arrive at answers to these questions.
Before any technology implementations we will analyze your business, ask questions, study your processes, understand your goals and data. Then we would show the possibilities technology offers to meet your business objectives.

Once we fully understand your business, your immediate needs, your short term and longer term plans, your budget our advice could be anything from developing a simple wordpress brochure website, a light weight framework based e-commerce site, a cloud based CRM, an open source community CRM or if the need is too specific we may even propose a custom web application or a mobile app.

If it requires a product development we will follow a UX driven design and development approach to ensure the product is build in such a way that it truly addresses the users needs and goals.

We have had the opportunity to study number of industries such as telecom, retail, hospitality, healthcare, F&B, real estate, aviation, travel, education.

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