Digital Product Design and Prototyping

Digital Product Design & Prototyping

Beautiful product that works beautifully.

Our design team at Siroi Solutions designs products which are not only pretty but intuitive and user friendly by using empathy, a design thinking approach which helps us truly understand our users needs and goals.

We at Siroi Solutions keep users in the center of the design process. Following a user-centered design approach puts us in touch with your users’ true needs, which helps us design solutions that really work for the intended audience.

At Siroi Solutions we take UX design very seriously. We start with identification and a concrete definition of user personas. User personas are stakeholders that will be interacting with the product in various ways. We will look at each stakeholder, conduct an empathy mapping where we put ourselves in the shoes of each of the personas and try to imagine their experience with the product. We also study and if required, define how various personas interact with each other. We use different tools to bring out the relationship, how iformation is flowing from one persona to the other.

Once personas, their stories, interactions between personas are well understaood, we begin design ideation with sketches of screens and eventually creating lo-fi wireframes.

Once we iterate and finalize on lo-fi wirefarmes we begin crafting the user interface (UI). We give careful attention to color choice, typography and follow modern UI design patterns, always keeping both the brand and the product features in mind. Some customers have their own brand guidelines in which case we happily follow it.

Our team would rapidly prototype the wireframes, mockups and visuals to help take feedback during the design process and make appropriate corrections. We create clickable prototypes to test user experience, validating the user flow and interaction design before move on to coding.

We live in a multi-device world and therefore responsive design is critical. We make sure products we design deliversthe best user experience on all devices.

We use tools such as miro, xd, sketch, zeplin, invision, figma to facilitate colloboration between different teams and a smooth design to dev handoff. We involve developers during the design process to avoid development complications.

Our UX designers are trained to use empathy, a design thinking approach to better undertand the needs, behaviours and goals of users. UX designers are trained in design thinking, user experience techniques, color theory, principles of design such as balance, hierarchy and correct use of textures and shapes.

Siroi Solutions UI designers have years of experience in responsive design, designing products that look great on web, mobile ad tablets.

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