CSGIndustry: Telecommunication

CSG International

CSG is a multinational corporation that provides Business Support Systems software and services, primarily to the telecommunications industry.


  • Huge bench management overhead
  • Limited visibility on workload/demand hence a huge challenge with forecast
  • Too many resources on the bench waiting for projects to start…or re-start
  • Just-in-time hiring is taking too long, as long as 5 months

SolutionsFlexible Work Force Solution (benchPRO™)

  • Core-Flex flexible work force solution
  • Shared enablement program of CSG Product; CSG investing on trainer, Siroi investing with consultant time
  • A Core team for longer term to maintain resource & knowledge continuity on projects and also giving and cost advantage to CSG and business stability to Siroi.
  • A Flex team to enable flexing-up and flexing-down as demand fluctuates
  • Flexibility to CSG
  • Bench management responsibility transferred to Siroi
  • Still enjoying key named consultants
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For the last 12 months, we have worked with Siroi Solutions to develop enterprise-grade services. Throughout this period, we have found Siroi to have a positive can-do attitude and first class technical capability. They are customer-centric and responsive to client demands when they come up.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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